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    Main picture of the page of the artist Don Turi
    Main picture of the page of the artist Don Turi
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    Don Turi

    • Musical style
    • Techno
    • Beginnings
    • 2019
    • Nationality
    • France
    • Mobility
    • International
    • Agent
    • Adrien Kremer
    • Type
    • Solo
    • Official website


    DON TURI is the story of a rebirth. Nailed to a hospital bed for three months, Emiliano Turi has only his window and computer screen to escape to. Jeanne Added’s accomplice, an established musician and renowned drummer, rehabilitates with a music, reinventing himself as a generous electronic producer. On the imaginary dance floor of his bedroom, he creates a techno and minimal music that sails between Berlin, London and his native Italy. A fusion that combines deep, dark beats with the madness of acid filters and the jubilant power of gimmick.

    Over the years, DON TURI’s live shows have remained as powerful as ever, leaving their marl wherever they go. Having taken part in numerous festivals such as Nuits Secrètes Rockomotives, Bars en Trans, Panorama, Smmmile (ect…) and added to their discography over the last few years, DON TURI has signed a new EP, A Teknoid Shadow, released in April 2023 on Bordel Records, the Los Angeles-based label of mythical duo Scratch Massive (Maud Geoffrey and Sabastien Chenut)…

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