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    • 1990
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    • Germany
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    • France
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    • Adrien Kremer
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    • Solo


    Described as a visionary by the New York Times, Vinicio Capossela is arguably Italy’s most famous singer-songwriter. Author, composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, poet and writer, he is often referred to as the Italian Tom Waits. In short, a living legend.

    Adored in his homeland, this dark magician of words has succeeded in imposing his lunar aura internationally, multiplying tours to the four corners of the globe and prestigious collaborations. His eccentric, elusive persona has fascinated audiences to the point of making him one of the most mythical figures in Italian canzione.

    Produced by La Cùpa on the Parlophone label for Warner Music italy, Tredici conzoni urgenti is Vinicio Capossela’s thirteenth album, released last April. According to the author himself, this project “was born out of the need to confront and deal with the most urgent problems cluttering up a world now lying on the sofa, in which everything, including emotion, has been domiciled and on which the worst catastrophe of all: war, with all its corollaries of poisoning, simplification, inflation, cancellation of all ‘cultural’ effort “




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