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    Main picture of the page of the artist Junius
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    • Musical style
    • Post-Metal
    • Beginnings
    • 2006
    • Nationality
    • United states
    • Mobility
    • International
    • Agent
    • Adrien Kremer
    • Type
    • Band


    Junius is a post-metal band that has consistently pushed the boundaries of genre conventions, crafting a unique sonic landscape that seamlessly blends elements of post-rock, post-metal, post punk and shoegaze. The band’s ethereal soundscapes, haunting melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics have garnered them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim over the years.

    After almost 2 decades, Junius has now expanded into a 5-piece juggernaut with founders Joseph E. Martinez and Dana Filloon joined by three new members: Orion Wainer (Constants, Tombs), Matthew Vincenty (Glacier), and Eoghan McCarthy(Circus Trees). The Junius wall of sound is even more mountainous as a 5 piece.

    Junius is currently working on their highly anticipated fourth full-length album. Lead singer/songwriter Joseph E. Martinez comments “This album has been the hardest one to write, since I have no concept to follow, just a feel that i’m chasing after. I’ve given myself some boundaries as well, only guitar effects, no synth and no lyrical concept, also the arrangement and parts have to be played all live. no stacking of impossible to play guitar parts, which should help the recording process lean towards a more sonically clear recording.”

    Junius are also on the verge of returning to Europe after almost a decade-long hiatus. Patient European fans will finally have the chance to witness Junius’ mesmerizing live performances and hear songs from their album “Eternal Ritual for the Accretion of Light.”

    With a history of critically acclaimed albums like “The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist,” “Reports from the Threshold of Death” and “Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light,” Junius remains a force to be reckoned with in the post-metal landscape. As they embark on this exciting new chapter, the band’s dedication to artistic evolution and the creation of profound, emotive music ensures that Junius will continue to captivate audiences around the world for years to come.




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