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    Main picture of the page of the artist Møaa
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    • Musical style
    • Pop
    • Psyché
    • Wave
    • Beginnings
    • 2018
    • Nationality
    • Italia
    • United states
    • Mobility
    • International
    • Agent
    • Adrien Kremer
      Europe / Royaume-Uni
    • Type
    • Solo


    MØAA is the dream drenched pop rock project of Jancy Rae. After being first conceived in the forests near Seattle, WA in 2018, MØAA moved halfway across the world to Venice, Italy where in isolation and in collaboration with Andrea Volpato (New Candys), completed the writing and recordings of her debut album at Fox Studio Venice. With a brooding atmosphere and driving beat, MØAA’s debut album “Euphoric Recall” ventures through the shadows of a memory, exploring the dimly lit corners of the past.




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